Xfactor star Duane Lamonte to perform at BEFFTA UK 2011

Xfactor star Duane Lamonte to perform at BEFFTA UK 2011

You heard it here first! The wonderful young multi-talented singer/songwriter, actor and dance choreographer Duane Lamonte is preparing to give the BEFFTA awards audience an exclusive performance of his single LION(let it roar) and his exclusive new release.

The singer who won the nation’s votes and made it to the top 6 boys in Cheryl Cole’s category in 2009 is enjoying his career as a solo artist.

It doesn’t stop there for the 26 year old star; as a positive role model and a mentor to younger talent who want to have a chance in the industry but cannot afford to put themselves out there, he has joined forces with his mother to run a company called Ivy entertainment. They help young people build and expand their knowledge within the arts and gives them confidence to achieve highly.

Duane admits, “My biggest challenge was the breakaway from the group then going to x factor as a solo artist but it didn’t go well as I anticipated then I thought I can either go back and join the band or focus on myself”.

Duane Lamonte’s full interview is available in the brand new BEFFTA magazine

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